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Allegiant® Seed

For farmers. By farmers.

CHS is proud to help you meet your profitability goals with innovative Allegiant seed products that deliver strong performance and value. Every seed in the Allegiant family puts proven genetic traits and advanced technology to work in your fields. You can have confidence when working with trusted, local CHS agronomy experts who know your farm.

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Corn stalks


CHS has worked side by side with America's growers for decades to increase corn yields under a wide range of growing conditions and through all market cycles. The Allegiant seed corn portfolio proudly carries on that tradition of partnership. Today we bring you leading-edge solutions with proven genetics, giving you the opportunity to enhance corn yield potential and drive performance in new ways.
Soybean plants
As an industry-leading soybean processor and producer of soy products, CHS has a unique understanding of soybean production and quality. We're proud to add value to our producer-owners' soybeans, starting from the ground up with proven technology designed to help you realize higher yields.
Wheat field
The Allegiant wheat portfolio brings you a competitive edge focused on yield, crop performance and in-demand characteristics. Working in collaboration with Bayer, we're proud to offer you proven breeding and high-performance genetics.
Forage crop
In the CHS forage seed portfolio, you will find a diverse lineup of products with detailed information on maturity, disease and pest resistance, yields, forage quality, benefits and many other agronomic ratings.
Cover of Allegiant Seed Guide
Allegiant Seed Guide

When you choose Allegiant seed, you're buying from the company you own. You know we stand behind our products with integrity, service and follow-through. Let's get to work!

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